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Recital Make-up

All dancers are required to wear stage make-up. Wearing makeup ensures that you will see your dancer's face under the bright lights of the stage.

For the make-up tutorial below, under-eye shadow is not necessary and eye liner may be used instead.

Supplies needed:

  • Foundation that matches the dancer's skin

  • Brown eye shadow

  • Eye shadow brush

  • Black or brown eyeliner

  • Black or brown mascara (waterproof - in case we have tears)

  • Medium pink blush

  • Blush brush

  • Red lipstick (lip stains work great for little ones because they cannot come off easily - we recommend a brick red color)

  • Red lip liner (a must for using lip stains)

  • Make-up remover wipes (just in case you need to start over)

Please remove all jewelry (including earrings) and nail polish on fingers and toes for dress rehearsal and recital.

Following the show, baby oil makes a very effective and gentle make-up remover - especially around the eyes. Be sure to follow with a mild face wash to remove any excess oil. Please make every attempt to bring your dancer stage-ready to the dress rehearsal and recital. Don't forget to wear the first costume of the day too!


As a reminder, female dancers are not allowed to wear panties with their costumes. We do not want Dora or My Little Pony peaking out on stage. The tights serve the same purpose and are required for each dance.

If your female dancer is in more than one recital dance in a single show, they will be required to wear a nude leotard at all times during each show so that your dancer is covered during costume changes. We have nude leotards available for purchase in our boutique with different strap options. Please plan to purchase these sooner than later so that we can guarantee them in stock before our shows. Male dancers will have access to a restroom to change costumes privately.

Make Up Tutorial
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