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Recital Hair

All female dancers are expected to wear their hair in a high bun. If your dancer has short hair, please stop by the front desk before dress rehearsal for help/suggestions to accomplish this look. All male dancers should wear hair groomed and out of the face/eyes. If your male dancer has long hair, please stop by the front desk for an approved hairstyle for rehearsal and recital.

Supplies needed:

  • Hair rubberbands that match hair color

  • Bobby or hair pins that match hair color

  • Bun cover that closely matches hair color (brown will work for most hair colors except white blonde) sold at the studio for $2 each

  • Comb and brush

  • Water bottle

  • Gel (the cheaper, the more sticky it is)

  • Hairspray with super hold (aerosol works best)

Hair Tutorial
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