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St. Augustine Dance Academy's performance company helps promising dancers grow in their dance ability and learn camaraderie with teammates.


Our goal is not to win but to constantly improve in dance and in character as individuals and as a team. The Performance Company can be seen dancing at local competitions, nearby nursing homes and neighborhood/school events. These dancers are positive leaders throughout our community. We pride ourselves on wholesome fun for all - no bare midriffs, inappropriate music or suggestive dance moves.

Our annual showcase in January is an awesome opportunity to see all of our company choreography for the year! Check the date on our calendar and then click on the link below in mid-December to purchase tickets to this exciting event.

Fueling a dancer's leadership qualities!


Our Performance Company helps dancers learn to be a contributing member of a team, allows for more performance opportunities and helps them become leaders. As a dancer, the audition process helps prepare them for college and professional opportunities. For life, they learn about time management, consideration for others, setting/attaining goals, taking critiques and applying them to improve.


Our studio is connected with the community


We are conditioned to filling needs of our community where we see them. We do a dance-a-thon each year to raise money for a local charity: in 2023, we raised over $1800. Our students have opportunities to perform at local nursing homes and contribute to or run food drives.

Auditions are held in April at the World Golf Village location for the following school year. New to the area? Give us a call to discuss late auditions in July.

Our company monthly payments include all company costumes, competition/performance fees, etc. and there are no hidden costs.

Click the link below to learn more about this opportunity and commitment, and apply!



You’re ready to solo, duet, or trio when you have made a serious commitment to yourself and to dance, you’re willing to focus extra time on your routine outside of class, you are willing to rehearse your solo full-out all the time in order to build stamina and you are technically ready. Readiness is everything! Take a close look at your goals and motivations, and talk to your teachers.

Each solo/duo/trio will require a separate entry fee at competition. You will also need a separate costume for these dances. You will be required to attend private lessons to learn the choreography. After choreography is complete, your choreographer will schedule any necessary practices at your regularly scheduled private lesson day/time to rehearse prior to competitions and performances. This is not only an emotional and physical commitment but a monetary commitment as well.

More information can be found at the link below.

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