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Our Mission

At St. Augustine Dance Academy, our goal is to make dance easier.

Every decision we make as a studio centers around making dance education simple for families. From the beginning, owners Tasha and Jason understood the importance of this commitment: they started their entrepreneurial journey with an after school program for parents that work and couldn't drive their kids to dance. 


We have a boutique right in the studio and 3-4 rooms at both locations, offer online registration and sibling rates for everything from tuition to recital so parents can schedule siblings' classes at the same time. This idea came from Jason and Tasha both working full time jobs and trying to afford having two daughters in dance while not committing to too many nights apart from one another.


Tasha and Jason created a solution for their family that they knew would work for so many others.

Committed to benefitting your family


We believe it's important to be fully informed when choosing a studio for your child's dance education, and our team will ensure your questions are answered. Our team is dedicated to ensuring enrollment is a positive, easy experience for all families.

We see firsthand how the studio can become a second home to so many of our dancers. Through life's trials, challenges, and difficulties, the studio continues to be their "happy place" where they can focus on their passion, leave the hard things at the door or dance their way through them.


Our talented faculty are dedicated & supportive


We have an incredible team of positive employees that are constantly growing with our industry to better meet our dancers' needs. Each employee has a voice and the unique opportunity to foster meaningful relationships with children in our area. We make decisions together and follow through on goals to be the best dance studio that we can be.

St. Augustine Dance Academy provides the education to grow our dancers into professional opportunities: many of our team were once students of Miss Tasha. Importantly, we have given our dancers opportunities for leadership that they carry into their futures as considerate citizens that make a positive impact.

Our studio is connected with the community


We are conditioned to filling needs of our community where we see them. We do a dance-a-thon each year to raise money for a local charity: in 2021, we raised over $3500. Our students have opportunities to perform at local nursing homes and contribute to or run food drives.

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