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Recitals are optional; however, they are a major focus in dance class and a culmination of your dancer’s progress over the year. Most students participate in this annual performance. This is your dancer’s time to shine and be a star. Preparing for the dance recital is an exciting time of year. Teachers will choose costumes and songs in December, to be revealed in January. Students will work from January through May to master the steps for each of their dances so attendance is extremely important at this time of year. Dancers must be in attendance three of the last four classes of the year in order to participate in recital. Costumes are distributed during the last month of class.

Link will activate when this year's recital details are released!

Intermediate A and above students will be required to participate in mandatory tech rehearsal at the recital venue during the week before the actual recital. Students will need to wear their usual dance class attire (not their costume). The times for this rehearsal are released in early spring. During this rehearsal, younger dancers will have the opportunity to sign up for a stage tour where they can view the dressing rooms, find their spot on the stage and see the theater.

On recital day, students will be expected to arrive in their first costume with stage makeup already applied and hair in place. Students will be given a curtain call time approximately 30 minutes before the show and need to arrive promptly. All dancers will be required to stay for the entire show and will be released after the final bow.

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