Recital Details

2023 Recital


Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: June 5-9
World Golf Village Shows: June 10
210/Nocatee Shows: June 11

Location: TBD


  • ALL Starlets, Stars, Flip Hoppers and Pre classes (with classes Monday through Thursday) and Advanced Ballet B will be performing in Show 1 for the 2023 recital on Saturday, June 10th at 11:00am.

  • All Saturday classes and Novice and above Wednesday and Thursday classes will be performing in Show 2 for the 2023 recital on Saturday, June 10th at 2:30pm.

  • All Novice and above Monday and Tuesday classes will be performing in Show 3 for the 2023 recital on Saturday, June 10th at 6:30pm.


  • All Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday classes will be performing in Show A for the 2023 recital on Sunday, June 11th at 2:30pm

  • All Monday and Tuesday classes will be performing in Show B for the 2023 recital on Sunday, June 11th at 6:00pm


Order Program Ads for your dancer by April 30th
Tickets go on sale on Monday, May 8th at 10:00am

Order Flowers for your dancer by Monday, May 15th

Information for Families

Our annual recital takes place in the spring, it's the most anticipated event of the year for our studio family! Recitals are optional; however, they are a major focus in dance class and a culmination of your dancer's progress over the year. Most students participate in this annual performance. This is your dancer's time to shine and be a star!

Although dancers won't start learning their recital dances until after the new year, our team is already starting to plan for it. Please take a moment to read through the recital details carefully below and then fill out the recital commitment form to register your dancer for this exciting event!


Recital Fees and Extra Costs

  • All recital fees are nonrefundable for any reason

  • Payment Schedule: Recital commitment is due by September 30th to take advantage of our $15 discount per costume. Beginning October 1st, costumes are $100 each. Your first payment is not due until October 15th.

  • Recital Fee and Costume Fees: To participate in recital, both a recital fee and a costume fee payment are due. Our recital fee is per family (not per dancer) and is mandatory. This $85 fee covers the cost of the venue, any necessary alterations, shipping/exchange fees, edited digital video download for all shows, and other costs associated with our recitals beyond the cost of costuming. Costumes are $100 each and there is a different costume for each class that your dancer participates in.

  • Recital Tickets: Recital tickets will be sold online only in May. The date and time that the ticket sales will open is announced about one month in advance. Tickets will be $15-25. You will need separate tickets for each show and for every family member sitting in the audience (excluding lap children). Performing dancers will not need a ticket during their own show as they will remain backstage until the final bow.

  • Recital T-Shirt: You will have the option to order a recital t-shirt at $20 each. The t-shirt will have our recital design on the front and the names of all dancers participating in recital on the back.

  • Recital Flowers: It is tradition for many parents to purchase flowers to give their dancer after the show. These will be available through the studio in an effort to simplify your day. You can pre-order the flowers and pick them up after dropping your dancer off backstage - a perfect way to keep the element of surprise.

  • Class and Individual Photos: Each dancer will take a class portrait at dress rehearsal and will also have the opportunity to pose for individual portraits at that time. A separate cost will be incurred for portrait packages.

  • June Tuition: June tuition will be charged at a half month rate to cover the final weeks of class and the time your dancer spends with their teacher at dress rehearsal and recital. Your account must be paid in full for the year in order for your dancer to participate in both dress rehearsal and recital.

Recital Details

  • Preparing for Recital: Teachers will choose costumes and songs in December, to be revealed in January. Students will work from January through June to master the steps for each of their dances so attendance is extremely important at this time of year. Dancers must be in attendance at three of the last four classes of the year in order to participate in recital. Costumes will be distributed during the last month of classes.

  • Dress Rehearsal: In June, students will be required to participate in mandatory dress rehearsal during the week before the actual recital. Students of all ages will need to arrive in their first costume with stage makeup already applied and hair in place. At the dress rehearsal, all students will pose for a class portrait. Each dancer will also have the opportunity to pose for individual portraits at that time.

  • Recital Day: On recital day, students will also be expected to arrive in their first costume with stage makeup already applied and hair in place. Students will be given a curtain call time approximately 30 minutes before the show and need to arrive promptly. All dancers will be required to stay for the ENTIRE show and will be released after the final bow. Each show will last approximately 1½ to 2 hours.