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Dear Dancer and family,


Welcome! From the bottom of my heart, I welcome you into our dance family. Look forward to fun times, great memories and friendships to last a lifetime. I hope you have a wonderful time dancing with us at St. Augustine Dance Academy.


This is a studio where every dancer matters and we try to help each dancer blossom into their full potential both on the stage and in the real world. If you love the music on the radio, try jazz or hip hop. If you like everything to be perfect down to the last detail, I suggest my favorite - ballet! For those older dancers that love storytelling or just need an outlet for their emotions, I recommend contemporary. Are you brave? Do you want to be? Acrobatics might be the class for you. You can try each kind of class we offer to determine your perfect fit. I can guarantee you that if you like music and love to move, there is a style of dance for you.


Dance will teach you to trust in yourself, to work hard to reach goals and the best part is that you can take it with you wherever you go. You don’t need a basketball, ice skates, or even a swimming pool. You can dance anywhere you are and that is one of the most beautiful gifts that dance gives to us. Give us a try and never miss a chance to dance!

With all my love,

Miss Tasha

Please review our studio policies. Our studio handbook, linked below, has all the information all families need to know about St. Augustine Dance Academy.

Important Payment Information

In order to reserve your space for any class, payment information is required in advance. Registration fees are non-refundable. Students may withdraw from enrollment at any time. Tuition payments are due on the first of each month. A valid credit card must be kept on file at all times. Any overdue balance as of the 10th will automatically be charged to the credit card on file with a $10 processing fee. If the payment does not go through, a $25 late fee will be added to the account. Tuition is calculated for the year and split into 10.5 equal payments with full payments due August through May and a half payment due in June.

Studio Rules

  1. Only water in the classrooms

  2. Respect everyone

  3. Arrive on-time and in dress code

  4. Be positive and have fun!

Dress Code

Why is there a dress code at St. Augustine Dance Academy?

  • The simple uniforms make it possible for the faculty to see the students’ bodies so they can make the appropriate corrections.

  • Learning to work together and work as a team is accomplished more easily with the removal of distraction caused by different attire.

  • Young dancers are often distracted by their own dance attire. Tutus and colorful leotards can become the focus, rather than the instructor.

  • Choreographing is much easier for faculty when dancers are similarly dressed.

  • Underwear should not be worn with leotard and tights. Tights serve the same purpose and are much more comfortable when dancing.

  • Every type of class has a unique dress code. Click here to learn more!

Make-Up Classes

All make-up classes must be scheduled in advance through the front desk. Students may only make-up one missed class per genre each month without a doctor’s note. Students may only make-up class in the same genre and level that was missed. If this option is not available, other arrangements can be made.


No make-up classes are permitted in the months of May and June due to recital rehearsals. Attendance is extremely important during this time of year.


There are no refunds for missed classes when the studio closes due to weather. Make-up classes will be scheduled and dates will be sent through email.

Hands-On Corrections

Dancing is a physical art. There are times when hands-on corrections are required and appropriate in the classroom to teach students proper technique. Please rest assured that these corrections are never invasive, punitive or intimate in nature. If you are opposed to these types of corrections, please notify the studio director and a note can be placed on your student’s file indicating that you opt out of this form of instruction.

Class Placement

Students will initially be placed in a class based on their age level. All faculty is trained to identify a student’s potential and will alert the artistic director if they feel a student is not being challenged and may be suited for a higher level class. Faculty does not have permission to discuss placement with parents. The artistic director will discuss any needs for change in placement with the parent. The artistic director and the faculty will not discuss placement with students at any time. Students may be required to audition for placement in the future.


Students will progress through various levels in their training. Each year students will be reevaluated and placed in the appropriate level based on their ability (not always age). It is very common for students to remain in the same level with their peers for several years. Students will move to the next level when the faculty and artistic director agree that the student has the proper technique and strength to move forward.



Based on age as of September 1st

  • Starlets - Ages 2.5 to 4 (must be potty trained)

  • Stars and Flip Hoppers - Ages 4 to 5

  • Pre - Ages 5 to 7

  • Novice A - Ages 8 to 10

  • Novice B - Ages 11+

Following levels require teacher placement:

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Observing Classes


Parents are welcome to observe their student via our studio camera system throughout the year. We will have an observation week once per year. Accommodations can be made in advance for out of town visitors that cannot make the observation week. Observation week will be announced via email and posted on the website at least one month in advance.

Pointe Shoe Policy

Not all students are built for ballet, especially pointe work. Dancing on pointe shoes requires the proper foot structure, a healthy weight, maturity, core strength, proper placement, balance and technique. Students under the age of ten will not be considered for pointe. Dancers that begin pointe work before their body is ready can cause irreversible damage that may not appear for ten or more years. Lack of strength and stability can also cause chronic stress fractures and sprained ankles. Because of the danger involved with this intricate but delicate art form, St. Augustine Dance Academy reserves the right to restrict any student that is not ready for pointe from training in a pre-pointe or pointe class.


Students and parents can inquire at the front desk about the program requirements for dancers that are identified as possible candidates for pointe work.


Dancers taking pointe classes will be required to take two classes of ballet per week. Students that do not participate in summer classes will be restricted from wearing pointe shoes in class until the instructor has determined the student has regained any strength lost over the summer. This policy was created in order to limit injuries and to ensure the safety and well-being of each student.


Please be advised that pointe work is not for every student. Some students find it too uncomfortable or painful to dance on pointe. Other students do not have the natural, physical attributes to support their weight when standing on their toes. At St. Augustine Dance Academy, all students are encouraged to find the best way to express themselves through dance whether it be with pointe work or our other dance programs offered in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap or ballet in soft slippers. We offer classes for every level of ability and commitment and encourage the student and parent to choose the appropriate class for their dance needs.

Performance Company

Our performance company helps promising dancers grow in their dance ability and learn camaraderie with teammates. Our goal is not to win but to constantly improve in dance and in character as individuals and as a team. Our team can be seen dancing at local competitions, nearby nursing homes and neighborhood/school events. These dancers are positive leaders throughout our community. Wholesome fun for all - no bare midriffs, inappropriate music or suggestive dance moves. Auditions are held in April for the following school year.

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