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Our Story

St. Augustine Dance Academy was founded on the commitment to making dance available to all students.

The story of our beloved dance studio begins with Tasha and Jason Wells. Fueled by a desire to open their own business, 30 years of dance experience, and two dancing daughters, opening a dance studio in their community was a perfect fit.

Raising a family in northern St. Johns County, they saw a need for high quality dance instruction in multiple styles at a location with several dance rooms. They knew this would give families the ability to coordinate their dancers' schedules, spending less time transporting their children and more time together as a family-- in and out of the studio. With Jason's background in business and accounting, and Tasha's passion for dance and love for all things education, they started the journey towards creating their dance family.


Tasha and Jason opened St. Augustine Dance Academy knowing it would be a place their family shared and blossomed together, but had no idea how special it would become to others. Both immediately enjoyed serving their community and influencing our neighborhood children to become leaders through dance - through annual food drives, service projects and, of course, entertaining others.

11 years have passed since Opening Day, and their commitment to the studio has not wavered. We've grown to a second location, and both of their daughters, Chloë & Aubrey, are now leaders in the studio continuing our family mission to serve our community through dance!

"Our studio is a place where a family can blossom together."


The most special part of owning St. Augustine Dance Academy is the dance family we have created. Every member of the studio supports each other in times of need, continues to push each other to be positive influences for others, and encourages our dancers all-around in their artistic passions.

Since Tasha was a little girl, she has loved three things: dance, children and learning. Her love of learning turned into a passion for leading through teaching dance, teaching college math, teaching elementary school teachers and being a Girl Scout leader. Her role at the dance studio is a natural combination of everything she has ever cared about.

Miss Tasha has a doctorate in education?
Our studio has a curriculum with milestones, consistency across teaching styles and a clear plan
for progressing dancers.
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